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George St, Dunedin

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This series of seminars have been designed by the Otago Polytechnic, School of Applied Business in conjunction with Tourism Dunedin, Otago Chamber of Commerce and DunedinHost. The seminars will provide those taking part with knowledge of Dunedin as a unique destination, information and an understanding of the tourism industry from a national to local level and the ability to provide excellent service and selling skills.

Learning Objectives

1. Establish and apply an understanding of guests needs when visiting a destination

2. Develop and apply broad general and location specific, tourism knowledge

3. Explore and apply excellent customer service and selling skills

4. Review the New Zealand tourism industry

Seminar One

Date: Tuesday - August 18

Time: Morning: 9am - 12noon

Venue: Otago Polytechnic - H Block - Rm H516

Tourism - the Big Picture


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What is the role and responsibilities of Tourism New Zealand? How much do you know about the other 28 Regional Tourism Organisationsin New Zealand and in particular Tourism Dunedin and of course the organisations that support tourism locally; DunedinHost. Here are some more websites we discussed which you may like to look at Tourism Industry Association of NZ, NZ Tourism Strategy 2015, Ministry of Tourism Research

Sophie Barker, Business Development Advisor), Economic Development Unit, Dunedin City Council will be talking to you about the council's involvement in Dunedin's tourism and the recently published Dunedin Visitor Strategy 2008 - 2015.

Afternoon: 1 - 2.30pm

  • 1pm - 1.45pm, The Dunedin Centre (Svend Tolson) tour and discussion
  • 2pm - 2.30pm, I-Site (Peter Campbell) tour and discussion

Seminar Two


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Date: Thursday, August 20

Time: Morning: 9.30am - 11.30 am

Venue: Otago Settlers Museum

Dunedin - and its uniqueness

Dunedin one of New Zealand's most southerly cities, takes its name from the old Gaelic word for Edinburgh. Maori know is as Otepoti or as K. C McDonald described it in late 1850's as Mud-edin (I wonder why). After 1861 Dunedin became the largest city in New Zealand (pop. 20,000) - it was to keep that title for another seventeen years. What has remained from the days of first settlement through until present day is a sense of authenticity, from a cultural, architectural and historic perspective.


9.30am - 10am

Sean Brosnahan - timeline for settlement of Dunedin including local Maori iwi - Kai Tahu

10.15 - 11.30

Otago Settlers Musuem - John Ingram will take you on a guided tour of the museum looking at the social history of the Scotts who settled Dunedin. Why they came here? What they achieved and how they have left their mark on the city.This will be followed by a discussion and a preview of the $3.4M planned extension to the museum, due for completion in 2012.

Otago Settlers Museum also provides visitors with the an opportunity to gain an understanding of the character, history and beauty of New Zealand's first great city with their [guided walks.

12.30 - 2.30

Athol Parks will take you on a guided city walk - the same as experienced by visitors to Dunedin. Please meet him outside the I-site centre at 12.30.

Seminar Three

Dunedin Railway Station

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Date: Tuesday, August 25

Time: 9am - 12 noon

Venue: Otago Polytechnic, H Block, Rm H516

Dunedin - A Viable Destination

Tourism and the local economy:

Geographically Dunedin's proximity to the South Island's main international visitor gateway - Christchurch, the wine growing areas of Central Otago and the adventure capital Queenstown works in its favour. Add to this the heritage centre of Oamaru and the eco tourism sites of the Catlins.

  • Multiplier effect - value to Dunedin
  • Visitor - who, from where and why
  • Transport - Air, Road, Rail and Water

Richard Roberts, Operations Manager at Dunedin International Airport, will be presenting information on the role of the airport to the tourism industry in Dunedin.

Afternoon: 1 - 3pm


  • Tour of different accommodation styles available in Dunedin. Please ensure you have comfortable walking shoes - unless you wish to drive between each property. We would like to thank the following properties for offering to host our group; Mercure Hotel, YHA Stafford Gables, Fletcher Lodge and the Scenic Circle Southern Cross Hotel.

Seminar Four

Speights, Dunedin

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Date: Thursday, August 27

Time: 8.45am - 3pm

Tour of Attractions

Here is your itinerary for a tour of a selection of Dunedin attractions. We thank the operators involved for their cooperation. Your guide Kevin Flaherty will meet your outside the I-site centre at 8.45am. Enjoy your day!

Seminar Five


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Date: Tuesday, September 1

Time: 9am - 4pm (1 hr for lunch)

Venue: Otago Polytechnic, H Block, Rm H608

Workshop - Customer relations/services

  • Greetings
  • Enquiries
  • Complaints
  • Selling - upselling, on-selling
  • Roleplays

Seminar Six

Jaffa race, Dunedin

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Date: Thursday, September 3

Time: 9am - 2pm

Venue: Otago Polytechnic, H Block, Rm H516

Promoting Dunedin

  • Marketing mix - Product and Promotion
  • Dunedin Passport
  • Your place/role in this - Social Media Marketing
  • Assessment


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