Demonstrate leadership skills in a tour context/Activities/Leadership styles within a tourism context

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Matching leaders with audiences


Skills in leadership styles, context and interpersonal skills


In pairs write a paragraph on the following - what type of leadership styles would be advantageous in the following tourism contexts and what interpersonal skills eg. flexibility, empathy, respect, communication, identification of physical or emotional stress would the tour guide need. Also write down logistical issues eg. weather - and context eg. history, you would need to consider.

Make sure you discuss thoroughly before choosing.

  • pub to pub walk in Scotland (half of group want to stay at the lunch time location)
  • tour through Dunedin's Cadbury's factory (the product shop is closed today)
  • a guided tour along Hollywood Boulevard and in particular looking at the celebrity star walk (several of the group particularly want to see rock disc jockey Rodney Bingenheimer and others want to see Matt Damon. These celebrities are at either end of the 18-block walk.
  • a guided walk on Fox Glacier (conditions are marginal today)

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