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  • Mr Robert Black wishes to travel by ferry from Picton to Wellington on 2nd November earliest departure and return to Picton on the 8th November about 6.00pm. He is 65 years and provides his drivers licence No. 4789308. He is travelling by car a Mazda Lantis Reg BHT703 - length under 5.5 metres.
His address is 25 Lake Lane, Christchurch, Phone 03 976 7896
Interislander Ref: PME860

Exercise Two


  • Establish customers requirements, source information and produce quotes for land and water transport in New Zealand
  • Complete reservation forms and documentation tickets/vouchers for domestic New Zealand land and water transport


  • To complete booking forms and tickets for Tranzrail, Intercity coach, Interislander, rental cars and motorhomes reservations on a computerised system


Ticketing Exercises

Exercise One

For the purposes of this activity you run the agency:

Best Ever Travel, 25 Queen Street, Auckland
Agency Code: 436 287

Please complete booking forms and issue tickets for the following scenarios

  • Graham and Debbie Dodds together with their children Emily (5 years) and David (2 years) and their dog wish to travel from Auckland to Picton by rail and ferry. They wish to depart Auckland on the 10th December and would like the cheapest fares available.
Their address is 25 Johns Street, Auckland, Phone 09 546 7890
Tranzscenic Ref: YRBEIO
Interislander Ref: ENR458

Please complete coach tickets for the following scenarios

  • Mr H and Mrs M Simpson, Miss L (8 yrs), Mstr B (10 yrs), Miss M (11 mths)
They are confirmed from Balclutha and Ashburton in the morning on Sat 25 Oct on a Saver Fare.
The PNR is 573921. Payment by cash.
  • Paula Green and Melissa Gray travelling from Auckland to Gisborne on Tue 07 May in the morning. PNR is 194723. Payment by visa 4389 2346 2970 Exp 08/09
  • Miss S Tafea 80 yrs Passport No. L483740. Confirmed Auckland to Kaitaia Mon 03 Nov departs 1330. PNR U23849. Payment by cash.

Exercise Three

Please complete booking forms and vouchers for the following scenarios

  • Mr and Mrs C. Neville wish to hire a Maui campervan for their holiday in New Zealand. They will pick up the campervan in Auckland on 20 Sep 08 at 1000 and drop it off in Wellington on 27 Sep 08 at 1700. They would like to have a nil excess on their insurance cover. Please ensure they have internal walk through access. They will pay by credit card american express 4356 7897 0898 Exp 10/10. Please ensure you include all payments they have to pay direct to Maui on their voucher. Maui confirmation number 45873G.
Mr & Mrs C Neville, 27 Garden Place, 5 Brown Street, Auckland; Phone 09 8765 0476
  • Your clients, the Kaikorai Hockey Team require a van (must seat 12 pax) to transport them from Dunedin to Christchurch and return. They will pick up the van on Sun 19 Oct at 0900 and return it by 1700 on Fri 24 Oct. Confirmation number 0935H. They will pay by cash.
Kaikorai Hockey Team, C/ Mrs D Blonk, 67 James Street, Dunedin; Phone 03 785 0881.

Supporting Materials