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This project is being assessed to NZQA 18212
Auckland at night

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Learning Objectives

  1. To locate tourist destinations on a map of New Zealand and describe their geographical relationship to each other
  2. To locate on a map and describe key geographical features of New Zealand
  3. To identify and describe attractions, activities, and events in New Zealand
  4. To identify and describe transport and accommodation services available in New Zealand to tourists.'

Course Schedule

This is your assessment



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As an introduction to the course we will firstly discuss the learning outcomes expected of you as you progress through this project. You can then take a look at a general introduction of New Zealand through the eyes of our national tourism organisation Tourism New Zealand.

So what makes New Zealand number two of the top nine destinations for 2011 as chosen by global broadcasting network CNN - coming in just behind New York, and why do visitors want to come here?

Thats the place what about the people? Lets look at two well known kiwis Stan Walker and Rhys Darby explain what makes them tick. Then listen to this - kiwi accent is this what we really sound like?

Where are we in the world?

New Zealand is a small country consisting of two main land masses the North and SouthIslands and numourous small islands in particular - Stewart Island (Oban) and the Chatham Islands. It is situated in the south-western Pacific Ocean.

It is divided in to different regionsand is governed by an elected government and has a Prime Minister and Queens represtentative, the Governor General.

Why you need to know about New Zealand as a destination

Now we will start working our way through each of the regions of New Zealand starting with Northland. Did you like some of landscapes in the northern region, the early settlers history is an area we always find interesting. Moving down the island you will find not only our largest city (supercity) but also our number one international travel gateway - Auckland city.

Another site to keep your eye on is Wikitravel for New Zealand. Wikitravel is interesting because it is written by volunteers from around the world - you may want to make an entry about a destination you have been to.

This your first activity. This is to be completed in groups and presented to the rest of the class.

The Coromandel

just north of Haast

Image courtesy of Lucy Crabapple

The Coromandel is a peninsula on the western edge of the Hauraki Gulf. The narrow stretch of coast line has beautiful pohutukawa-lined coves and white sand beaches (west coast has the black sand). These lushly rainforested hills make this area one of the most beautiful in the country.

Taupo, Rotorua and Tongariro

Otherwise known as the Thermal Explorer Highway this area is a major tourist destination. It offers not only geothermal wonders in Rotorua but is the centre for Maori cultural tourism. Lake Taupo is home to some of the countries major sportingevents, including the world's original International Ironman race held each year on the shores of Lake Taupo, with over 1200 competitors from 40 countries. Tongariro National Park has three active volcanoes and is a World Heritage site. Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand’s most famous volcano, has expansive ski areas including the world’s only ski field within 500m of an active volcanic crater.


Christchurch is the South Island's main international gateway. Where most international travellers first arrive into New Zealand.

Canterbury and the Westcoast are two major destinations in New Zealand.

Prepare a six slide presentation highlighting the outer regions of Canterbury eg. Hanmers Springs, Akaroa then head over to the West Coast and provides (on the same presentation) another six slides with activities and attractions to visit.


Dunedin Railway Station

Image courtesy of PhillipC

Factors like New Zealand's geography (two main islands), mountainous terrain and wide spread low population are reasons why the country has fewer transport system options in comparison to other overseas counties. The main systems are flights, coaches, trains, ferries. Tourists often take the self drive option. There are however a wide range of accommodation options. New Zealand Trade Manual

The Southern Lakes

The Southern Lakes area is a unique and beautiful part of New Zealand with many attactions and activities. There are a wide range of activities, wild and mild on offer in the region.

Other regions


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There are of course many other popular destinations in New Zealand for both national and international visitors. Lets not forget our home city Dunedin.

Getting around New Zealand

By Air

Land and Sea Transport

What to do in New Zealand

When tourists return home from their holidays they carry with them the memories of great attractions, fun activities and wonderful experiences. When you are working in the tourism industry it will be important that you have a well developed knowledge of the destination you will be selling; this includes what attracts visitors to New Zealand and tourism products they may purchase when they are here. So lets take a look at some of those products:

  • Constructed attractions - Places of interest to tourists what are human-built, eg. museums, zoos, buildings

Now you should have a better idea of what New Zealand has to offer for both domestic and international visitors. Lets define that even further with this activity