Day in the life of a tourist/Activities/Activity Six - Privacy Act

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Identify and provide details of the privacy principles that apply to the following scenarios


Read the following breaches of the Privacy Act and list the information principles that apply to that situation. Provide the Principle number and title.


1. Joseph has advised the name and address of a client's hotel to a relative who wishes to send flowers for the client's birthday.

2. The customers waiting in the reception area can clearly see all the details of Mrs Robert's itinerary on Fiona's computer screen.

3. Sally sends an email to the tour company to correct the spelling of her name.

4. David, the travel agency manager, provides his daughter with the agencies client list to help her start up a new tourist venture.

5. When his passport number appeared alongside his name on the list of tour particpants, Hayden complained to the tour company.

6. The motel receptionist had a card file containing customer's credit card details so she would not have to request the details every time they stayed at the motel.

7. Rebecca has requested to see her personnel file to ensure her details are correct.

8. The tour company has requested information from the client's employer on his level of fitness to travel on an adventure trek.

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