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Unit Standard 23758 - V1, Level 3, Credit 4 - Demonstrate knowledge of communication and customer service theory in a tourism workplace. Element 1 (PC 1.2 and 1.4)

(This is a closed book assessment)


Verbal communication and possible barriers to it


Task 1

In your job interview for the position of tour guide at Gannet Beach Adventures - you have been asked to describe the importance of verbal communication skills in the following scenario:

You are taking a group of clients on a tractor ride to the Cape Kidnappers Bird Sanctuary and need to explain the health and safety procedures before proceeding.

Choose four of the following skills and describe them while also explaining how they are important in helping you to communicate effectively to your clients. (PC 1.2)



  • clarity of speech
  • voice modulation
  • voice projection
  • articulation
  • use of grammar
  • questioning skills
  • listening skills
  • feedback

Task 2

Identify (3) possible barriers that can occur during this type of communication (PC 1.4)

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