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Gannet landing zone - Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand

Image courtesy of Froskeland


Unit Standard 23759 - Provide customer service experiences in a tourism workplace - Level 3, Credit 10, Version 1 - Element 1 (PC 1.2 - 1.12)

Unit Standard 23763 - Describe and process retail payment in a tourism workplace - Level 3, Credit 3, Version 1 - Element 2.1 - Process payments (Credit Card, Cash)

Unit Standard 23764 - Demonstrate verbal communication skills in a wide range of tourism contexts. Level 3, Credit 2. Version 1 - Element 1 (PC 1.1-1.2)


  • Providing excellent customer service - must be demonstrated over a minimum of 3 day period with the combined experiences totalling a minimum of 15 minutes
  • Process payments
  • Demonstrating verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrating acceptable personal presentation

Role Play 1

A tour coordinator (Katie) from the company organising the NZ Wine Institute Conference, being held at Mission Estate Winery, has been in touch with you (by phone) regarding a booking you have made on behalf of them for one of the conference guests - Isobel Simmons, whose husband (George), wants to take a Gannet Tour at Cape Kidnappers.

When Katie made the booking with you she did so for only one adult. Now it seems George will be bringing his 10 year old daughter (Shelley). He was previously booked on the Gannet Beach Adventure morning tour, next Wednesday (morning is the only free time he has on this day) at a cost of $38. This tour is now fully booked and Katie has asked you to find another tour on the same day, in the morning, to the same destination, for both George and Shelley, around the same price.

Katie has asked you to get back to her with an alternative within the hour as she will be unavailable after 4pm and Isobel (the client whom she is working for) has asked for this to be resolved today. US 23759 (PC 1.4) . Katie is not happy, when you explain that it may take longer than an hour to resolve this as the centre is very busy at present. She in turn has asked to speak to your supervisor - you feel you can resolve the situation successfully without this happening and proceed to do this...

Customer Profile

George is attending the conference with his wife Isobel who is a guest speaker. At the last minute child minding provisions for their 10 year old daughter, Shelley fell through. It was then decided that Shelley would attend the conference with them. Isobel has already spoken with the conference tour organiser, Katie, to arrange a trip to Cape Kidnappers for George (who loves the birdlife of the area).

Tour Coordinator Profile

(Katie) for the past few months have been organising activities for partners of guests, attending the wine conference, to take participate in. One of the guests Isobel, has asked you to organise a tour for her husband of a local bird in its natural habitat. It has been a really busy day and Isobel has now informed you that their 10 year old daughter, Shelley, who was a last minute addition, wants to go on the tour with her father. You are stretched for time and have one hour to organise this before attending a meeting. You ring the iSite centre, explain the situation and are told that this may take longer than an hour and as it is 3pm could take until tomorrow morning. You ask to speak to the supervisor. US 23759 (PC 1.4)

Role Play 2

A local woman "Cathy Saunders" has come to book a tour so that her aunty (who has a walking frame) can take a look at the Art Deco sights in Napier. Cathy informs you she has a slight hearing impairment and asks you to speak up when explaining what your plans for her auntie are. US 23764(PC 1.1)

Booking Reference: 3445X

Customer Profile

Your auntie (Frida Mackie), whom you love dearly, is coming down from Auckland to visit you. This is the first time she has been to Napier as you have only recently moved here. Your auntie has a walking frame and finds it very tiring to walk any great distances. She has asked that you organise a tour of the Art Deco sights in town. You want to pay with cash.

Role Play 3

Katie (conference tour coordinator) has phoned again to request a wine tasting for a special group of delegates from the Barossa Valley. She has asked them to come in to see you.

The group (4) have arrived at the office to confirm and pay for the winetasting experience. You must process the credit card payment. US 23763 (PC 2.1)

Booking Reference: 4432X

Customer Profile

Four delegates from the Barossa Valley, Amy Cresswell, Bill Sykes, Cody Williams and Simone Casey with a special interest in local wines of the area they are visiting. Bill is a pilot of small planes and a keen flyer.

Payment details:

American Express : 3887 7789 9989 0000, 12/11 - Bill Sykes


  • Role Play - observation forms
  • Observation - payment process
  • Observation - verbal communication
  • Tours and Activities