Day in the life of a retail travel agent/Activities/Foreign exchange

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To be able to accurately convert foreign exchange from New Zealand currency into a foreign currency and from a foreign currency into New Zealand currency.


Complete the following transactions using the exchange rates provided. 

Australian Dollars        (AUD)      .7450

Singapore Dollars        (SGD)      .99326

Japanese Yen             (JPY)   72.7182

United States Dollars  (USD)      .6460

1. Mrs Jones has requested $2000.00 in US dollars.  Please calculate the amount she will have to pay in New Zealand dollars.

2. George is travelling to Japan and wants to purchase Yen 200,000.

3. Amanda and Jane have each saved NZD2000.00 for their Australian holiday.  What is the total amount of Australian currency they will take with them?

4. The Green family are going on holiday to Singapore and Henry (10 years) has saved $500.00 from his pocket money.  How much will he have to spend in Singapore dollars?