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Unit standard 23758 - V1, Level 3, Credit 4 -Demonstrate knowledge of communication and customer service theory in a tourism workplace. Element 2 (PC 2.3, 2.4, 2.5)


Identify elements of customer service

Task 1

Identify three examples of good customer service

Scenario One

You have just started work at Dunedin Travel Corporation and this is your first day. A walk-in customer asks at reception if they could book a return flight to Napier. The client is referred to you...

Travel Agent: You greet the client, introduce yourself and ask them to take a seat.

Travel Agent: Now I understand you would like to book a flight to Napier. Maybe you would like to tell me a little about your planned trip, which of course would assist me in ensuring all your requirements are met. Is there any particular date you would like to travel?

Client: Well I was thinking about going in a fortnight's time.

Travel Agent: That would be the week of March 15. Did you have a particular day and time in mind? I see there are only two flights per day which will take you through to Napier.

Client: Tuesday please and I would prefer it was earlier rather than later.

Travel Agent: Do you belong to an airpoints programme? You don't - okay. How does the 10am flight from Dunedin with your connecting flight at 2pm to Napier, sound. You will arrive at 3.30pm. Do you have any particular seat requirements?

Client: I always like to sit next to the aisle. The flight times sound wonderful.

Task 2

Now identify three examples of bad customer service in the following scenario:

Scenario Two

A telephone conversation:

Client: I am attending a conference in Napier next month and when it is finished I am planning to travel to India. Can you tell me what vaccinations I require and what type of currency I should take.

Travel Agent: Did you make any of your bookings with us? No, just from the internet. Well maybe if you ask these questions on google you may get an answer.

Client: So you can't help me.

Travel Agent: We are really busy at the moment and I can't really help you.

Client: Could I try again later when you are not so busy?

Travel Agent: Sorry....I am sure you will find the answers on the internet.

Task 3

Identify and explain an impact of poor customer service for this business. (PC 2.5)

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