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Milford Track

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Unit Standard 23761 - V1, Credit 3, Level 2 - Read and comprehend work-elated documents in English for a tourism workplace PC 1.1-1.3 An index is used to locate specific information and it is correctly interpreted. Abbreviations, tourism industry jargon and interpreted correctly.

Unit Standard 23767 - V1, Credit 2, Level 2 - Demonstrate knowledge of and use the internet in a tourism workplace PC 1.1-1.4, Types of information that can be accessed are described, advantages and disadvantages of using the internet are identified in terms of cost, time and meeting customer needs, two different methods of accessing information and security issues are identified.


Research (and compare resources) using tourism resource books and the internet. This assessment will be carried out under controlled (supervised) conditions.

Task One

Research the "New Zealand Book 2012-2013" published by ANZCRO New Zealand to answer the following queries.

1. What is the population of Napier?

2. Napier's buildings are famous because they were built in what style?

3. What advice would you give to visitors to New Zealand about the climate in Summer?

4. What is the cost of supershuttle and mini coach charter transfers from the airport to Napier city?

5. What is the duration of the coach service from Wellington to Napier?

6. How many days duration is the Hollyford Track Guided walk?

7. When is full payment required for the booking arrangements?

8. If cancellation is within 6 days of travel, what is the fee?

9. What are the entry requirements advised for New Zealand?

10. What is the "Go Kiwi Hotel Pass" rate for `Bronze' in October?

11. Provide an explanation of GST?

12. Research the New Zealand Book or the internet for an explanation of Qualmark.

Task Two

Comparing the information you have researched via the internet and the information from the New Zealand book, explain the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet under the following headings:

1. Cost

2. Time

3. Customers needs

Advise two different methods you used to access the information on the internet and provide six different types of information you were able to locate. e.g. prices.

Identify two security issues which are associated with internet use in a tourism workplace.

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