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Unit standard 23758 - V1, Level 3, Credit 4 - Demonstrate knowledge of communication and customer service theory in a tourism workplace. Element 2 (PC 2.3, 2.4, 2.5)


Identify elements of good and bad customer service


Identify three examples of good customer service from the following scenario.

Scenario One

A telephone conversation:

Conference organiser: Hello, Mr Jones? My name is Gina Grant and I am ringing on behalf of the conference organiser, for the NZ Wine Institute conference at Mission Estate which you are attending tomorrow.

Client: Oh, hello Gina.

Conference organiser: We are ringing to confirm that you are happy with the accommodation we have arranged for you and if there was anything you might require some help with.

Client: Well thank you, yes we are very happy with the accommodation. We are however wondering if we could take a wine tasting tour while we are here and how we would go about organising this.

Conference organiser: If you would like to come and see me after registration tomorrow (I will be in the reception area) I can arrange a tour for you and your friends if you would like.

Client: Well thank you that would be lovely

Conference organiser: My pleasure is there anything else I can assist you with?

Client: No, everything is perfect.

Task 2

Now identify three examples of bad customer service in the following scenario.

Scenario Two

A telephone conversation:

Client: I am attending the NZ Wine Institute in Napier early next week. I am booked to arrive at Napier Airport at 8pm the evening before the conference begins and wonder if I could be picked up from the airport.

Conference orgainser: I am sorry, but we can only pick up at scheduled time on that day - 11am, 3pm and 5pm.

Client: Could you not make an exception as I have never been to New Zealand before let alone Napier and have no idea where my hotel is.

Conference organiser: We are unable to do this but I can give you the number of a good taxi service.

Client: Can you ring the hotel and see if they will send a car to pick me up?

Conference organiser: Thats really your responsibility. Sorry I am busy and have to go now. Goodbye.

Task 3

Identify and explain an impact of poor customer service for this business. (PC 2.5)

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