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Venue Requirements


Develop a venue portfolio for conferences of varying sizes.


You are a Professional Conference Organiser who has been asked to put the following together:

Using the index (in supporting resources) build a portfolio for at least one property in each of the capacity sections eg. (100, 200, 500, 1000, 2500, 4000 people). Your smaller venues should be spread throughout New Zealand whereas some of your larger venues may have to be in the larger cities of Wellington or Auckland.

What is in a portfolio?

Think of it as a fact file - where the venue markets or tries to sell their property for your conference. You must name the venue, its location, general facilities. Make sure you make a list of facilities important for the conference scenarios listed below - list them in order of importance (as decided by you)

Scenario One: Conference for Rare blood diseases - two main presenters, around 85 participants expected, one day lunch and morning and afternoon tea required. (South Island)

Scenario Two: Conference for Community Service Volunteers - three presenters, Annual General Meeting (AGM) also being held, 170 participants expected. Refreshments required and bar/snacks at the conclusion of the meeting, 2 days. (South Island)

Scenario Three: Conference for Avon cosmetics represtentatives - 5 guest speakers and new product demonstration planned (need special display area), 500 participants expected, one day event. (South Island)

Scenario Four: Conference for Civil Engineers - 10 presenters, several seperate rooms required, to be held over 3 days. 1000 participants expected - special dinner required on last night (North Island)

Scenario Five: Conference for Travel Agents USA - 15 guest speakers, software demonstrations, trade exhibitions, over 2 days, evening entertainment planned so need special room with stage. 2500 participants expected. (North Island)

Scenario Six: Conference for Tourism Educationalists, 25 guest speakers over 4 days, 10 outside exhibitors accepted. Pre dinner cocktail party, then dinner on last night. (North Island)

Presentation: Present the portfolio in a professional fashion, cover page and bound like a report with tabbed or colour paper seperations between the sections for each property. This is the kind of document which may be presented to your client. All work should be referenced.

This is to be handed in to the tourism box on the ground floor of D Block by 4pm, Monday, August 27

Supporting Resources