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Creating a budget


Completing activities with examples


You are required to complete this activity (with your lecturer's help) eg. what is still missing from either the conference income or conference outgoings, or both)

Then in pairs - create a budget (spreadsheet) for this conference listing all the income and expenses mentioned.

Here are some items to help you....

Conference income:

  • your conference has 120 confirmed delegates attending, registration for these delegates is $700 each
  • there are 25 partners each paying $250 for a day trip and themed dinner
  • you intend to have exhibition stands for hire at $350 per day
  • there is commercial sponsorship $9000
  • your host has also agreed to pay $9000

Conference outgoings:

  • venue hire
  • speakers' fees?
  • catering costs
  • conference pack
  • decorations, entertainment, uniforms
  • insurance
  • transport
  • day tour
  • entertainment

(what else??)

Supporting Resources

  • Teaching resources - supplied by lecturer