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This is Assessment One weighting 10% marked out of 10


After five years working at a hotel specialising in conferencing, you have decided to branch out on your own and open your own business as a Conference/Event planner.

Much of the hard work has been done, your business plan was accepted by your bank and you have all the finance you need to get started. But before you can start accepting clients you have a few things that must be completed. The first is to decide on a name and brand for your new business.


Your task is to create a brand for your company

Start by following these steps:

  • Write a mission statement
  • Describe what you are branding e.g. why did you choose these colours, what is the story behind choosing the name and how does it link to the mission statement and the values of your company?
  • Describe your target market
  • Find a name that suits...look at what you have written in the previous steps..are there any words that stand out that may provide good start for a company name e.g. exciting, professional, awesome? However, your company name doesn’t have to be a real word may be a name made coined from a couple of words to create something unique e.g. Burgerfuel, Janola (Janola was a combination of the two inventors wives names...Jan and Nola).
  • Create a logo
  • Design your corporate stationery using your logo and brand
  • Business card
  • Conference enquiry form
  • Conference proposal form
  • Conference programme template
  • References

 These need to be completed and handed in at class on Thursday 12th May. Remember your work is a reflection of your company and its professionalism so please hand in this assessment in a professional manner. Maximum word count 500.

[Marking Rubric]

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