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To create a library of links and learning resources for people to use to develop computer, Internet and media literacies.


Following this wiki development structure we aim to develop a list of discrete learning objectives, each with their own page of detailed objectives and then subpages (child pages) of resource lists and learning and assessment activities to suite a variety of teaching and learning styles and environments.

Computer Literacy Categories

Following are NZQA units we could use as a basis, but we will focus on the elements within these to produce "tip sheets".

Foundational Computer Literacy (Access)

Intermediate Computer Literacy (Interpret)

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Online Communication
  • Using email groups & discussion boards (5941)
  • Synchronous Communication Tools
  • Skype
  • Skypecast
  • MSN chat
  • gtalk

Advanced Computer Literacy (Create)

Requests for development (please add your requests to this list)

Resource repositories

After the above categories and the topics within them have been resolved use this list of resource repositories to find freely available resources that assist in support. They will either seerve as examples and scripts to our own developments, or we will negotiate copyright and use them as they are.

  • Google video
  • Wikipedia
  • Wikimedia commons
  • Yahoo video
  • Podomatic
  • Odeo
  • Google presentation
  • Flickr



Helen Lindsay
David McQuillan
Leigh Blackall

Sarah Stewart