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To help WikiEducator achieve scaleable and sustainable growth among its high-priority stakeholder communities through community-building and appropriate messaging / communications strategies. (Lead role - Randy Fisher ~ aka wikirandy)


  1. Community Needs Analysis - high priority Stakeholder Communities
  2. Community Messaging
  3. OER Workshop Design / Materials - (beginning with FLOSS4Edu Pacific Workshop, New Zealand - August 11-13, 2007])

Stakeholder Communities (high priority)

Now that we're moving towards Phase II of WikiEducator's growth and development (July 2007), there is a considerable and time-sensitive opportunity to engage high-priority Stakeholder Communities to benefit WikiEducator.

If WikiEducator is to meet its goals - of developing a free educational curriculum by 2015, then it must develop content AND engage key people, organizations and communities in an interactive and supportive way.

These high-priority Stakeholder Communities include, but are not limited to:

Interviewing - Key Stakeholders

(Editor's note: to keep the community apprised of the progress of this project, excerpts of these interviews will be available at the Interviews page. Click here to go there!

  • WikiEducator Advisory Board Members
    • Erik Moeller
    • Nicholas Kimolo
    • Steve Foerster
    • Brent Simpson
    • Savithri Singh
  • Otago Polytechnic
    • Leigh Blackall - DONE, AUG. 2007
  • College of the Rockies
    • Dr. Nick Rubidge, College of the Rockies President and CEO
    • Gina Bennett, College of the Rockies' eLearning Specialist and author of the learning material donated by the College - DONE, SEPT 2007
  • Community Portal Page
    • projects - ongoing (project leaders)
    • projects - dormant (project leaders)
  • COL Education Specialists
    • Frances Ferreira - info gathering on secondary education communities (in Africa) - DONE - JUNE 11, 2007
    • Joshua Mallett - DONE - AUG. 15, 2007
    • Krishn Alluri - DONE - AUG. 15, 2007
    • Tanyss Munro, - DONE - AUG. 15, 2007
    • Other - Helena Fehr - DONE - AUG. 15, 2007
  • WikiAmbassadors
    • Steve Foerster (also advisory board member) - DONE - AUG. 29, 2007
  • Free Textbook Project
  • ** Leaders
  • One Laptop Per Child
    • Samuel Klein
    • Mel Chuo
    • Jean Claude Dauphin
    • Susan D'Antoni
    • CCNC developers - module coordinator, developers
  • Selected participants from non-commonwealth countries
    • Werner Westermann (Chile)
    • Gunter Osswald (aka White Eagle) - Germany

Other Stakeholders

  • Groups that form around / support WikiEducator Initiatives (this also includes individuals from within the groups, who perform specific roles (i.e., Librarians / Information Science)
  • MSU Global
  • Otago Polytechnic
  • Community Relationships - OER Projects
    • Wikipedia
    • Wikiversity
  • International / National Agencies
  • Teachers / Educators / Tutors
    • primary
    • secondary (world, Africa)
    • tertiary
    • vocational
    • student support tutors
  • Course Writers / Instructional Designers
  • Management - Open Schools
  • Researchers
  • Policy Makers
  • Students / Learners

Community-Building Ideas

  • Wikimania 2007 - Little Angel Program
  • Summer of Content - Ask a Question Box - on each country page
  • Design a Home Page & Country-specific template, including aggregation (i.e., my blogfeed, communities, etc.)
    • ensure that country links on the Community Portal page & Country page, are linked to their respective countries.
    • ensure that local folk from each country, update their own Country pages.
    • initial design focuses on "country content"; v2-migrates to portal content
    • put in copyright page, and welcome message
    • use lots of tables - good way to order info, and a neat 'graphic' - re: FAQ page
  • Try to ensure a logical structure & linking for pages (WikiMaster)
    • intuitive, navigation and linkability (re: SBeL, and others)
    • Ensure appropriate contact info - this includes email (even the language to write in the subject lines), phone number(s), availability, etc.
    • Add Countries to main page Navigation Bar, and change Projects to Projects & Initiatives - Done --Wayne Mackintosh 23:44, 17 September 2007 (CEST)
  • Use Rapid Development Teams (WikiAmbassador + WikiMaster) when possible (future page)
    • this is akin to a "buddy system" buddy system where a new user / member is teamed (electronically) with an experienced user / member who can answer queries / deal with issues, or at least act as a first port of call.
    • Image: Yin/Yang graphic - right brain / left brain, or even hands helping each other (i.e., handshake)
  • Make sure the right people are in the room
  • Leverage community of educators (i.e., global and sectoral)
  • Leverage collaborative creation / editing space
  • WikiAmbassadors - all contributions count (reference from Gunther Osswald comment)
    • also - share info / support others
  • Images / Graphics & How-to's
    • while video is a nice-to-have, how about using pix (or thumbnails) to guide the user through each step of how to get started. It can be a storyboard fashion, which linked together, can form a "movie-like" experience....When doing 'how-to's - a person can script out what s/he wants, and then go shoot some photos and upload them, to illustrate the how-to.
  • recruit people based on interest, and country
  • development of Events Calendar - could have its own page, or have an aggregate feed under each country (TBD)
  • is there a Visual Mapping Resource?
  • User pages are important - One Laptop Per Child has an interesting template
  • teams - re: Climatechange
  • Use Videos to facilitate discussion / activities (i.e., 60 minutes, Shipbreakers, Bangladesh)
  • Differentiation strategy - ie How does (or should) WikiEducator differentiate itself among similar initiatives, for eg:
    • WikiEducator focuses on building capacity of educators while developing free content
    • WikiEducator places a high priority on quality of learning materials and develops tools to support quality processes
    • We base our development processes on the research and experience derived from DE - a core COL competence
    • Developing society focus
  • Add Partners page

To Do (WikiRandy) ~ as of Sept. 18, 2007

  • Complete short paras on WikiEducator roles page (collaborate with Wayne Mackintosh)- pri-1
  • Complete individual role pages (pri-2)
  • Continue stakeholder interviews + put excerpts on Interview page (pri-1)
  • Develop Key messages page + grid (i.e., messages + tactics (pri-1)

* Post Community Needs Analysis document

  • Focus on WikiEd Wishlist development (or other name) + community cluster (pri-1)

* Developing Surveys - Newbie (User);

    • Supporting WhiteEagle for High School Student Survey
  • Case Study Development - White Eagle, Joshua Mallett - TVET
  • Review Curriki - strengths & Weaknesses
  • Ensure Progress Dashboard gets done
  • Check out BC Campus]

Community-Building Project - Key Links

Related Initiatives



  • Librarians / Information Specialists

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