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About Us

Ugunja Community Resource Centre communityresource centre in Kenya has had great success in the area of health and HIV/AIDS. Our health education has made big number of people living positively with HIV/AIDS openly declare their status to the public. We have a support group that brings together 150 individuals living with HIV/AIDS and have publicly stated their status. The secret for this success is all around provision of information. Wework with a group of community health workers who uses different communication methodology to fight stigma and accelerate behaviour change. Our use of Participatory Educational Theatre (PET) and radio education are some of the methods that have proven to be successfu.

The resource centre plays a critical role in linking the community to source for information and even facilitating repackaging for further sharing. As a result of this we have a very strong collaborative health program with ministry of health and St. Paul Health Centre that is taking leadership on this.


Charles Ogada
Ugunja Community Resource Centre
P.O.Box 330 - 40606
Ugunja, Kenya.

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