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Organisation Development Process for Mang'elete Community Radio in Kenya

With the support of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), EcoNews Africa, Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) and UNESCO, Mang’elete Community Radio has embarked on an organisation development process which will entail the following:

  1. The Group development session
  2. The Station strategic planning

These will be undertaken through two interactive on site workshops. The first workshop on the group development will be held for three days on 3/4/5 November 2008. This workshop will involve 60 representatives from the 33 women groups which established the station.

The second workshop on the station strategic planning will be held for five days in the last week of November 2008. Actual dates for the second workshop will be communicated later.


The outputs of these workshops will comprise

  1. A comprehensive curriculum for the organisation development process of community radios, based on the evaluation of the pilot at Mang’elete Radio; and,
  2. A documentation portfolio containing photographs of the session, video footage, radio programmes and booklets.

These materials ARE open educational resources (OERs) and are available below.