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Overview of 2nd Regional Workshop, November 2008


An engaging four-day community media workshop for Caribbean community media practitioners; sponsored by UNESCO and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) as a follow-up to workshops held in Suriname (2005) and Jamaica (2008).


19-22 November 2008


St. Vincent and the Grenadines (tentative)


  1. Strengthen the regional community media network, especially online exchanges and content portals
  2. Build capacities to design and develop effective learning programmes for community radio
  3. Improve participants’ practical skills, in online journalism, effective facilitation and collaborative Web 2.0 skills

Long term outcomes (3-5 years)

  • Vibrant, dynamic network of community media using media and ICTs locally and regionally to promote and facilitate equitable, sustainable development
  • Widespread access in the region to effective learning programmes via local community media and telecentres
  • Stronger regional networks linking media with development and education providers

Short term outputs

  • Greater familiarity, sharing of experience and ideas, etc. among Caribbean community media
  • Increased use of regional networking tools, the Caribbean Internet Radio Portal, etc.
  • New online skills, e.g. writing for the web, blogging, wiki, etc. developed
  • New training and facilitation skills
  • Promising ”media for learning” programme formats – good practices – identified
  • Concrete plans to develop educational community radio programmes for at least six stations


  • Build from existing community media processes and programmes in the region
  • An inclusive, engaging, highly participatory workshop focused on sharing experience, practical group work, skills training
  • Pre-workshop discussions with participating stations in an online forum; pre-workshop online wiki skills training
  • Site visit to a community media outlet in St. Vincent and the Grenadines


  • 20 Caribbean community media practitioners, especially programme directors, producers
  • 4+ community media trainer-facilitators
  • 3+ local partner observers, e.g. farmers’ group, educational institutes
  • 3+ regional partner observers, e.g. regional agricultural association, health programmes, etc.