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Suggested phases for the project

The following project steps may be best addressed by "teaming" partner institutions with similar capabilities but different perspectives around the completion of the task.

  • SWOT Analysis: Project curriculum team would conduct an objectives audit to make sure that the Open ICDL materials meet the requirements of Version 4 of the ICDL curriculum. This analysis will also include a high-level review of free content available. There may be additional modules identified for later development that are not included in the Version 4 of the ICDL curriculum. Target date: 28 Feb 2007
  • Learning Design Template: Two or more institutions may team to define a learning design format/template that can be used to create uniformity of the resulting content authoring step. Target date: 15 March 2007
  • Content authoring: Depending on the identified objectives resulting from step 1 above, Two institutions may work together as module coordinators to author or revise program content. Target Dates: 5 Modules by 30 June 2007 and all 7 Modules by 15 August 2007.
  • Configuration for eLearning / local learning system: This would entail repacking of the wiki materials for local learning management systems. Target date: 15 October 2007

Anticipated roles

  1. Learning design co-ordinator(s) - responsible for
    • co-ordinating the SWOT analysis of existing materials available
    • developing the instructional design template
    • specifying requirements for each module (eg multimedia, activities, assessment)
  2. Module co-ordinator(s) - responsible for leading the reconfiguration of a Module within the Open ICDL
  3. Module collaborator(s) - responsible for working collaboratively with the Module co-ordinator on the reconfiguration of a Module

Draft project schedule

Project duration: 50 Weeks

Note: these are estimates of time and will need to be recalibrated to take the collaborative authoring model into account and impacts of the design template adopted.

Milestone Details Target Dates Status
Milestone 1: Establishing the project
  • Invite participation from founding educational institutions to take responsibility as Module Coordinators representing Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific
  • Negotiate broad terms of reference for the project
15 Feb 2007
Milestone 2: Complete procedures for local certification
  • Participating institutions to institute procedures for local certification of the CCNC. This process runs in parallel with the content development
  • In countries using a national qualification framework, the ICDL outcomes may already be an approved qualification.
Ongoing, 2008 Academic year
Milestone 3: SWOT analysis of existing Open ICDL materials
  • Desktop review of the strengths & weakenesses of the existing Open ICDL materials
  • Consulting with graduates and developers of the Open ICDL.
28 Feb 2007
Milestone 4: Research and proposal for instructional design template
  • Collect recommendations from the community based on needs for the design of pedaogical template
  • Propose a design template for review
  • Refine the template
  • Specify multimedia development for each module
  • Set up "bug" tracking software to report issues and bugs
15 March 2007
Milestone 5: Detailed Callibration of the project roles for Module coordinators and participants
  • achieve a shared understanding of the instructional design template
  • allocate roles and responsibilities for development
15 March 2007
Milestone 6: Communication of the development strategy and supporting resources
  • Publish procedure and development support resources on the wiki
30 March 2007
Milestone 7: Module development
  • Reconfigure and publish course materials for distance education and eLearning format on the wiki
  • Community participation in refining the materials
  • Editing procedure published
  • 5 Modules by 30 June 2007
  • 7 Modules by 15 August 2007
Milestone 8: Editing and testing
  • Editing procedures carried out
  • Extensive testing of validity of materials by the community
15 September 2007
Milestone 9: Packaging of materials for eLearning format
  • Converting wiki materials into IMS/SCORM formats
  • Testing materials in different LMSs
15 October 2007
Milestone 10: Pilot testing of the materials
  • Pilot testing of representative sample in a face-to-face situation
  • Pilot testing of representative sample an eLearning delivery format
15 May 2007
Milestone 11: Evaluation and review
  • Collect and collate evaluation materials
  • Compile evaluation report
30 September 2007
Milestone 12: Adapt and refine materials
  • Implement recommendations of evaluation report
  • Ensure that all recorded issues have been addressed
15 November 2007
Milestone 13: Final release of materials
  • Upload static version of the materials
30 November 2007
Milestone 14: Evaluation review
  • Conduct evaluation of this open development process
  • Document lessons learned
  • Recommendations for refinements to the open development model
15 Feb 2008