Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/Milestone 3

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TARGET DATE: 28 February 2007

Curriculum Mapping

The SWOT analysis idea was replaced with a Curriculum Mapping exercise. The development group felt that a SWOT analysis was too elaborate for our needs.


  • Desktop review of the strengths & weaknesses of the existing Open ICDL materials
  • Consulting with graduates and developers of the Open ICDL
  • Mapping the Open ICDL Materials to the ICDL curriculum (Version 4) to identify any gaps

Deliverables for Milestone 3

  1. Confirmation that the Open ICDL materials meet the curriculum specifications of the ICDL Curriculum by developing a page that links each module to the Curriculum specifications
  2. Inventory of additional free content that could be used for the project. Each item to be annotated with a list of advantages and disadvantages

Old Stuff

The links below relating to the original idea of a SWOT analysis are kept for historical purposes.

Working pages

SWOT Analysis