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Count me in Coach

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Based on NZQA 7114

People credited with this unit standard are able to prepare, conduct coaching sessions, and review coaching of adult learners.

This unit is used in the following courses:

Prepare for coaching adult learners

  • Current level of learner competency, expected outcomes, and intended coaching timeframes are determined.
  • Outcomes are agreed between coach and stakeholders.

Range: stakeholders include the learner and may include - supervisor, management.

  • Coaching schedule is negotiated to meet agreed outcomes.

Range: timeframes, venue(s), planned stages of development, resources.

  • Review criteria are established and documented in accordance with organisation policies and procedures.

Conduct coaching sessions for adults

  • Coaching practice includes evidence of use of observation, eliciting and giving feedback, motivation, analysis, and time management.
  • Coaching methods are tailored to meet individual needs, develop individual potential, and to achieve agreed outcomes.
  • Progress is documented, monitored, and refinements to schedule agreed between coach and learners.

Review coaching

  • Stakeholder feedback on process and achievement of outcomes is sought and analysed against review criteria.
  • Self-review includes identification of possible areas for future refinement.


  • coaching for the purposes of this unit standard is guiding the development of adult learners in skills, knowledge and attitudes; organisation policies and procedures refer to any provider, client organisation or standards setting body’s documentation or reporting requirements.