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An Agricultural Wall


The poem "Mending Wall" deals with neighbors, whose wall is broken by nature, people and animals. Though they have no relationships, the neighbors agree to meet once a year and repair (mend) the broken wall. The two have opposing opinions regarding the necessity of the wall. The poet thinks a wall is unnecessary, whereas his neighbor insists that "Good fences make good neighbors".

Mending Wall

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In this turorial, students will:

  • Analyze the poem "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost.
  • Identify the opposing views in the poem.
  • Compare and contrast different walls.
  • Post personal points of view regarding the "necessity" of walls in our lives.
  • Suggest alternatives for walls.

The Poem

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Read the poem Mending Wall by Robert Frost.
Pay attention to the opposing views regarding the necessity of the wall.


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Take a look at the following walls:

Compare and contrast them with the wall in the poem.
What is your conclusion?

Food for Thought

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"Good fences make good neighbors".
Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Post your thoughts below.

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How does your knowledge of Robert Frost's background contribute to your understanding of the poem?

Post your thoughts below.

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What is the double meaning embedded in the titles "Mending Wall" and "Challenging Walls"?

Post your thoughts below.


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Now that you have learned about the various purposes of erecting walls, and the different viewpoints regarding their necessity - how can you challenge extisting walls, and which alternatives can you offer?

You may want to read The Peace Poem

Post your thoughts below.

My Thoughts & Answers

Write your thoughts and answers here:


  • (Comment.gif: Excellent lesson, Hani. Mending Walls is one of my favorite poems. --Nellie Deutsch 16:34, 22 September 2009 (UTC))

(Comment.gif: Thank you. I guess it's Nellie. Could you please sign?--Hani 14:42, 22 September 2009 (UTC))