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Action Research Project on improving student writing


Help learners improve their writing skills.


At the end of the two year course, students will be able to write essays using correct grammar and vocabulary 80% of the time.

Learning from Mistakes

Comparing your work with the teachers'

Time Line

  • Ongoing lessons for the duration of two years (2008-2010).



New Members


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Please add your name to the list if you are interested in joining the action research project in improving students' writing skills.

  1. Nellie Deutsch
  2. Doris Molero


Free Online Courses


Join the International Writing Exchange (IWE) courses in English. The courses are run via Moodle and are suitable for groups of students in schools and universities, as well as for teacher trainees and self-study students. The courses run continuously all year round, in six-week modules. Currently, our students are mostly undergraduates, but our courses are suitable for intermediate to advanced-level students of all ages.

WriteIt Social Blogging Network (Ning)

WriteIt Ning

Purpose of WriteIt

  1. For teachers to plan and discuss the courses in the International Writing Exchange for Teachers' group
  2. For students to use blogs to reflect, exchange ideas, and share photos, videos, and music with fellow classmates and students from other countries in the International Writing Exchange for Students' group'

Collaborative Writing

  1. Join the Team
  2. Innovations in Education
  3. Facilitating Online Workshops on Educator