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Teaching ideas are frequently developed with a specific grade in mind. Any of the ideas on this page could also be adapted for other grades. Please refer to Wikieducator's disclaimers before using this information. The following list of projects has been tried by first graders:

  • An inside look at apples
  • Fabulous forensic fingerprints
  • Ice cream in a bag
  • Oobleck
  • Rainbow milk
  • Touch and feel boxes
Biology in Elementary Schools home

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Biology In Elementary Schools is a Saint Michael's College student project from a course that ran between 2007 and 2010. The student-created resources have been preserved here for posterity. Link under 'toolbox' for printer-friendly versions of the exercises. Click on handouts to print full resolution versions. Please see Wikieducator's disclaimer, our safety statement, and the Creative Commons licensing in English and in legalese.