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Assessment of Prior Learning

Practical experience is good and well, but sooner or later many people wish to also hold formal qualifications to support their careers. For some, it may be the ticket to promotions, higher pay scales and greater recognition at work.

Capable NZ enables you to gain a nationally-recognised qualification without going back to the classroom. It works by rewarding you for what you already know, and helping you achieve the extra knowledge you need.

Capable NZ is a unique organisation established by Otago Polytechnic as an evolution of their highly regarded Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning, or CAPL. Its world-leading process means the knowledge and skills you have gained over the course of your life and work can count towards a range of formal qualifications, from certificates to degrees.

You may find you are already well on the way to having the qualification you need. And we will help you get there.


Prior learning is a combination of career and life experiences. We understand that through these experiences you will have gained valuable skills, but that this knowledge is often hard to measure. Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) is a rigorous, internationally-recognised process, designed especially to measure your existing knowledge against formal academic qualifications.

Capable NZ is available for people who can draw on their own experiences and demonstrate a deep understanding of their desired qualification area. Because it requires far less investment of time and money than traditional tertiary study, it is especially valuable for those who are currently employed.