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Cameroon Flag : GREEN - RED - YELLOW with a yellow star at the center/middle

Welcome to Cameroon WikiEducator Page

Cameroon objectives on WikiEducator

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As part of the FLOSS4Edu initiative, the objectives of Cameroon are to :
  • Promote OER in the sub-region
  • Show to teachers/educators how to create free content for eLearning by conducting some workshops on WikiEducator
  • Developt free content on WikiEducator for eLearning in both english and french langages since Cameroun is a bilingual country
  • Setting up a in-sub-region Wiki support group
  • Work on the development of the French FLOSS4Edu initiative
  • Etc.

About Cameroon




Cameroon is known for having one of the best educational systems in Africa. Primary school is both free of charge and obligatory.

Primary School

Secondary Education

Tertiary Education

List of Universities in Cameroon :

  • Bamenda University of Science & Technology
  • University of Buea
  • University of Douala
  • University of Dschang
  • University of Ngaoundere
  • University of Yaounde 1
  • University of Yaounde 2
  • Yaounde Catholic University
  • The International Relations Institute of Cameroon - IRIC
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Major Seminary]]
  • Siantou and Ndi Samba Schools of Higher Learning
  • Highlands University (P)

Open and Distance Learning in Cameroon

Free and Open Source Software in Cameroon

Cameroon Association for Linux and Open Source Software

Events and Workshops

Ambassadors for WikiEducator