CYP RCA/M and E Framework

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Monitoring & Evaluation Framework

What Success Looks Like

Process Steps What's Really Happening
Getting the discussion group started Publicising, populating the group
Introductions & getting to know each other Relationship-building
Engaging in meaningful &value-added dialogue Information-sharing, networking
Project focus, achieving initial outputs Participation, learning, achievement, ownership

Outputs and data sources (1)

(Comment.gif: There are two websites: (1) Youth4Peace (Y4P) on Taking IT Global for discussions; and (2) Y4P on Ning (for audio and video files))

Output Metrics and data sources
Youth Participation / Community grows
  • Number of user accounts registered on Y4P-TakingIT Global- 28 (May 23, 2009)
  • Number, breadth and depth of discussions (i.e., postings)
  • Geographic or demographic distribution of members (i.e., individuals, organizations)
  • Growth in visitors to the Y4P discussion group
  • Number of countries visiting Y4P group
  • Number of projects, clusters and nodes arising out of Y4P discussions
  • Number of recorded presentations dedicated to Y4P around the world
  • Media reports published and number of citations in the blogoshpere
  • Number of news articles, and location
Free content is developed (on WikiEducator)
  • Number of content development projects (i.e., learning materials, workshop materials) initiated on WikiEducator
  • Number of "legitimate" content pages
  • Average edits per page
  • Number of page views per edit

Outputs & Data Sources (2)-(not usually measured)
  • Trust, rapport (i.e., typically not measured in a logical framework / results-based management system, but there nonetheless)
  • Mechanisms for collaboration, learning and social networking
  • Movement towards identifying HOW they can learn skills to help achieve their objectives (i.e., the learning activities during a workshop)

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