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University of Belize - Central America


UB Website

  • Mission Statement

The University of Belize is a national, autonomous and multi-location institution committed to excellence in higher education, research and service for national development.

As a catalyst of change it provides relevant, affordable and accessible educational and training programs that address national needs based on principles of academic freedom, equity, transparency, merit and accountability.

  • Vision Statement

In the next five years the University of Belize is dedicated to fostering Belize's development by producing graduates who are socially and ecologically responsible, analytical, self-confident, disciplined, ethical, entrepreneurial, and skilled communicators and who are committed to using these skills and values for Belize's enrichment.

Faculties and Departments

UB Goals

To meet national needs

Encourage sustainable development

Increase self sustainability

Prepare Belize to meet global challenges

Encourage an international student population

Education Empowers a Nation