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The trip to Eilat!

Last week' when my mother planned a trip to Eilat I planned to go with my friends to trip from the school.

High Holidays

Rush Hashana

It's that time of the year again, when the wail of the shofar is about to rise, signaling the start of the Jewish New Year.

In Rush Hashana my family and I taking in guests All the family were in my home. we prepared all the meals.

Yom Kipur



visa for U.S

From: Bat-El Peretz

Zalman aran 48.

Dear sir,

I am Bat-El Peretz, I am 20 years old, i live in Natanya, Israel. I am sending you this letter for getting visa to U.S.

I want to move to state for travel for work and for studies. I will study law, and I will be a lawyer. I have finished the army 2 month ago. I don't have any criminal record. I know the language, I know to speak, read and write well.

I will be faithful civilan.

My reasons to get visa are: live in state for year, learn, work and travel.I will study law and will be a lawyer.

I hope you will help me get visa.

yours truly,

peretz Bat-El