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B&B Sign

Image courtesy of Daquella Manera


For students to gain knowledge on how best to inform clients of the pricing information requirements for a Bed and Breakfast business.


Once pricing has been determined you should present prices to the customer in a clear and concise way.You can do this through the creation of a rates sheet. The sheet should include prices, validity dates, special conditions and full details about how to make a booking.

An example is provided below in Supporting Resources. Or better still see if you can pick up some local examples of a rates sheet to help you.

This activity forms part of your marketing assignment under the 4P's section pricing and should be attached as an appendices.


Your task is to create a rates sheet for your bed and breakfast establishment. Depending on the markets you wish to attract you should set your prices for a minimum of 12 months or if you are wanting to expand to the international market 24 months. Remember to consider GST in your pricing considerations.

You need to have this information in your rates sheet:

  • Features
  • Location
  • Hosts
  • Contact/booking details
  • Ratings - if you have qualmark
  • Types of accomodation available
  • Dining arrangements

Supporting Resources

Handout - Rates Sheet