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Who we are

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Athabasca University, Canada’s Open University, is dedicated to the removal of barriers that restrict access to and success in university-level study and to increasing equality of educational opportunity for adult learners worldwide.

Our approach to post-secondary education is based on four key principles: excellence, openness, flexibility and innovation.

  • Excellence: We are dedicated to achieving the highest standards in teaching, research, scholarship and student service.
  • Openness: We are committed to our mission of guaranteeing access to post-secondary learning to all who have the ability and desire. If you are 16 or older, you are eligible for admission to undergraduate study.
  • Flexibility: Our flexible learning model adapts to your needs, putting you in the driver’s seat. You can enrol in most programs and register for most courses at any time of the year and work at your own pace, studying at home, at work or wherever you may find yourself.
  • Innovation: We continue to adopt and develop new, learner-centred learning models and technology-based alternatives to traditional, classroom-based instructional channels and contexts. We apply technology to make learning accessible.

What we do on WikiEducator

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Participating in the OER Foundation and the WikiEducator project gives us an opportunity to connect internationally with and learn from others on the development and integration of open approaches in the university sector. We are particularly interested in:
  • Learning together with our international colleagues on using wiki technology for OER creation and reuse through the Learning4Content initiative.
  • Fostering the development of collaborative research on OER
  • Nurturing the adoption of open research strategies in all areas of academic interest.
  • Encouraging the development of open textbooks which are published through open access publishers like Athabasca University Press.



Athabasca University joins the OER Tertiary Education Network leading the OERu implementation as founding anchor partner. “As an open university the institutional philosophy and direction of our university is strongly aligned with the objectives of the OER Tertiary Education Network” said Dr Frits Pannekoek, President of AU. Read more...
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Athabasca University has joined the OER Foundation as a founding member. Prof. McGreal, a signatory of the Cape Town Open Education Declaration says: In education, we must go forward. Restrictive copyright laws can best be addressed by supporting open and collaborative approaches to the creation of learning content." (Dr. Rory McGreal, Associate Vice President, Research and member of the OER Foundation's inaugural Board of Directors.) Read more ...



Our community discussion list

OER Foundation Thought Leader's Forum

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OER / OA & Policy Opportunity
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