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Teerthankar Mahaveer University College of Engineering

Course Name:Discrete Mathmatics Course Code: ECS 301

Assignment -1

Q1. Show the implication. (i) (ii) Q2. Given the following statement as premises, all referring to an arbitrary meal: (i) If he takes coffee, do does not drink milk. (ii) He eats crackers only if he drinks milk. (iii) He does not take soup unless he eats crackers. (iv) At noon today, he had coffee. Whether he took soup at noon today? If so, what is the correct conclusion? Q3. Find the truth table for (a) (b) Q4. (a)Verify that the proposition is a contradiction. (b)Verify that the proposition is tautology. Q5. Write the negation of each statement as simply as possible. (a) If she works, she will earn money. (b) If swims if and only if the water is warm. (c) If it snows, then they do not drive the car.