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Icon activity.jpg Activity
The goals of this activity is to improve your multiplication speed on the medium numbers and become comfortable with multiplying larger numbers.
  1. Try to complete the multiplication table in the simulation.
  2. Easy peezy? Try using the clock.
  3. Record your times. Do you get faster each time you practice?
  4. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy? Choose your level if you dare!.

Special thanks to the Physics Education Technology PhET Team

Arithmetic Workout

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Having difficultly?

Step back to the intermediate activity or choose your own activity.

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Multichoice Question
  • 9 × 8 =
    • 64
      • Incorrect, it looks like you found 8 &times 8. Try the question again.
    • 17
      • Incorrect, were you adding instead of multiplying. Try the question again.
    • 81
      • Incorrect, it looks like you found 9 × 9. Try the question again.
    • 72
      • Absolutely correct!

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