Apprentice Level 2

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Apprentice Level 2

*I was very happy getting this. One day I opened my User page and found this in my Infobox. I was very happy. My hunger for more has increased.
*Further, one day I was happy to see the wikibuddy status in my Infobox
*The Wikiexperience opens doors for New Knowledge Construction , I could interact with people passionate about OER and educating people on 
 this movement. I also liked the creative common workshop on licencing.

Signing of Agreement

I decided to make a Course on Multiimedia and I have started the same. Do visit at and contribute and comment. I signed the agreement that I would create this course.

Signing Cape Town Declaration

I feel that we all should sign such a landmark Decleration. So I did it.

Wiki Neighbour

I also put the WikiNeighbour code in my Infobox to show my readiness that I am a good Neighbour and a very helpful

WikiEducator is my Mission !