Agriculture in British Columbia

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Follow the Fruit Grade 3/4 Integrated Science/ Social Studies Lesson

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Students will be able to
  • have an understanding that fruit is grown and harvested in British Columbia
  • tell where various types of fruit are grown within the province
  • explain what happens with the fruit after it is harvested
  • explain how a specific type of fruit is marketed and in what forms


  • enlarged copy of the Okanagan fruitlands map - click file link coming soon
  • wall map of British Columbia
  • chart depicting marketing channels of fruit in BC - click file link coming soon
  • KWL graphic organizer for each student
  • chart paper
  • class set of North American map and fruit cutouts activity sheet - click link coming soon
  • large bowl, knife and chopping board
  • small serving bowls, spoons and ladle
  • notice to parents a few days before explaining each child to bring one item of fruit for fruit salad

Introduction to engage students

Students bring in fruit items. Class discusses and notices various types. Teacher asks I wonder where does it come from? Did you know some fruit grows in British Columbia? Set fruit aside and distribute KWL sheets to students and have students fold them into three in line with the columns so that the K column is showing on it's own. Each student records what they know about fruit in British Columbia. For example, they might write the types they know grow in BC and how they grow or where specifically. Teacher stops students after 2 minutes to have students share out while recording ideas on the chart paper. Students then adjust fold of paper so they can see the W column. Students record what they wonder about the topic. Turn to a partner, share and record new questions. Share out as a class and record on chart paper.