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US 12408, Version 4, Level 4, Credit 14

PC 1.5 - Group Management skills are demonstrated to maintain group coherence

PC 2.1 - Safety and emergency procedures are described in accordance with enterprise procedures

PC 2.2 - Factors affecting guests safety are monitored and responded to

PC 2.3 - Contingency planning demonstrates preparedness for unscheduled incidents


Ensuring visitor safety, comfort and enjoyment while meeting deadlines


Referring to the On Line Tours Safety Plan (Supporting Resources) complete the following task.

A. Describe the safety and emergency procedures (as lead guide) you would have to implement if you encountered the following circumstances during a guided walk. You should also outline a contingency plan for each example below: Description must include: modified itinerary, first aid, on the spot rescue techniques and procedures, external rescue agencies

  • guest says they cannot continue and is getting quite irrate
  • guest is injured and needs evacuation
  • guest presents signs of hypothermia
  • the weather turns bad and the environment becomes potentially dangerous

B. Match the following group management skills:

  • negotiation
  • conflict resolution
  • support
  • coaching

required to deal with the circumstances above and demonstrate (explain) how you would use these to maintain group coherence throughout the activity

Supporting Resources