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US 12408, Version 4, Level 4, Credit 14 PC 1.10 - Meet timeframes and deadlines

US 18311, Version 1, Level 5, Credit 8 PC 5.6 - Implementation of the interpretation plan is in accordance with stated objectives


  • Create an indepth understanding of how an overnight tour is planned and operated
  • Meet tourism and educational industry requirements


You are a tour guide for "On Line Tours" which has just begun running a guided overnight adventure tour in the Wanaka area.

To meet the overall objectives of your organisation (and this assesment) you will be required to complete activities which will clearly outline all components of the tour:

  • Audience profile and activities
  • Accommodation
  • Dining
  • Interpretation planning
  • Practical Assessment

Implementation of your interpretation must also meet the specific sustainable objectives of your organisation:

  • providing an educational and stimulating experience
  • contribution to the environment
  • working with and supporting local community

Students role

The activities above will be run in conjunction with the 4 night fieldtrip to Wanaka. You will plan, research, and complete all of these activities. The first four activities will be completed prior to the fieldtrip. The practical assessment will take place during the fieldtrip, where you will be required to complete the following to a required standard:

  • planning, preparing and serving a three course meal
  • group management, visitor safety and interpretation skills on a guided walk


As each activity is completed you must present this to the lecturer for advice and suggestion.

Your completed work must be presented in a bound folder, with a clearly identifiable cover sheet. All research, planning notes and material along with photographs should be included as appendices to the main document.

A section of your interpretation will be videoed for assessment.


You are required to create an itinerary which begins when your guests arrive in Wanaka at 9am and ends on the third day at 4pm. Each timeframe or deadline listed on your itinerary must be monitored by you as the tour guide to ensure they are met.

Your itinerary must include in the activities:

  • your tour as assigned to you
  • a catered evening meal

Your itinerary will be the last item to be completed.

It is important to remember that you are attempting to create a professional product which clients will judge for quality and content.

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