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US 18311, Version 1, Level 5, Credit 8

PC 5.4 and 5.5


Performance appraisal strategies and further training possibilities. You may discuss this activity together however the work you hand in must be your own.

Task 1


"On Line Tours" has just begun running a guided overnight adventure tour in the Queenstown area. The personnel manager wants to ensure that the tours and guides provide a quality product for the guest. When a new employee is taken on at On Line Tours they are appointed a mentor to assist and educate.

Once you have developed and run a series of interpretations your mentor will complete a checklist as part of the company's performance appraisal strategies. This evaluation will be used to support the guide in gauging their strengths and weakness and development of further skills. Thus ensuring the continued quality of the interpretation.

Once the evaluation has been completed, the guide mentor and personnel manager will discuss its outcome and decide what further employee development may be required.

Task 2

The last evaluation of your guided walk and interpretation has highlighted some areas which identify the need for you to build your skills around developing and delivering your interpretation. The personnel manager has suggested choosing one of the following strategies to help you. Choose one of the following and describe how it may help you.

  • Mentoring
  • On-the job training
  • Short-onsite course
  • Off site course

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