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US 12408, Version 4, Level 4, Credit 14

PC 2.1 - Safety and emergency procedures for visitor safety are described

PC 1.2 - Visitors are informed of hazards


Safety operational procedures


As leader guide for your activity please ensure you complete the following:

  • Read the emergency procedures in the Safety Plan - describe the 5 steps you would be required to take in the event of an emergency (PC 2.1)

  • Research the emergency phone numbers (and make a list to go in your first aid kit) that you may need for the activities in Wanaka (PC 2.1)
    • Emergency number (ambulance, fire, police)
    • Police (local)
    • DOC
    • Doctor
    • Nearest hospital
    • Your accommodation

  • Describe what you would need to put in your "guide day pack" (PC 2.1)

  • How prepared are you for the day? (Environment, equipment and people. What steps would you take to prepare yourself for a days guiding? (PC 2.1)
    • Describe how you would obtain current information on weather and environmental conditions

  • How prepared are your guests for the day?(Environment, equipment, people)
    • How would you inform them of any hazards they may encounter during the day (PC 1.2)

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