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US 12408, Version 4, Level 4, Credit 14

PC 1.1 - Skills (interpersonal and technical)and techniques applied for visitor comfort and enjoyment

PC 1.2 - Visitors are informed about the hazards of the natural environment

PC 1.3 - Visitors are guided through the activity at comfortable pace

PC 1.4 - Activity paced and adapted with visitor capacity to meet deadlines

PC 1.5 - Group management skills

PC 1.6 - Environmental care codes practised

PC 1.10 - Time Frames and deadlines are met

PC 2.2 - Factors affecting visitor safety are monitored and responded to

US 18311, Version 1, Level 5, Credit 8

PC 5.6 - Implementing the interpretation plan


A guided walk - this task is the practical assessment for Activity - Interpretation. You will be assessed by video and observation.

Task 1

You are a guide leading an adventure tourism activity. You have complete responsibility for leading the group. Your role for the day is to:

  • prepare yourself and your equipment (PC 1.1, 2.1)
  • familiarise yourself with your company's safety plan, emergency procedures and local emergency contact numbers (PC 1.1, 2.1)
  • check the weather and conditions - be prepared to modify itinerary if weather changes(PC 1.1, 2.1, 2.2)
  • greet guests and clearly explain the plan for the day (PC 1.2)
  • check guests are properly equipped and have refreshments (PC 1.2, 2.2)
  • identify and explain any hazards (rough trail, hill climb)(PC 1.2)
  • monitor pace of activity and assess (by observation) how guests are coping (PC 1.3, 2.2)
    • if guests are struggling - how would you apply these group management skills eg. support, coaching, negotiation or conflict resolution if they were required (PC 1.5)
    • if the day was either particularly hot or cold and you thought the guest/s required shelter and/or refreshments - how would you manage this during your walk? (PC 2.2)

  • present interpretation of environment - incorporating environmental care practices (section of which will be videoed)
  • run activity within time frame - lead guide will be observed monitoring time through activity (PC 1.4, PC 1.10)

Task 2

You should also be able to demonstrate that you are prepared for any unscheduled incidents which could occur (PC 2.3)

On the walk one of your guests becomes unwell and cannot proceed. After assessing her you find that it is a mild stomach ache.

  • Demonstrate your plan/s of action on the walk

Supporting Resources

  • Safety Plan
  • Guest questionnaire
  • First Aid Course - completed
  • Activity
  • Environmental Care Practice Activity