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The aim of this page is to bring together all the free resources that I can find about Adult Education and Learning.
Please feel free to add any resource that you have found useful (but please make sure that it is freely available for use).
--Sandy Causer (aka Wakalena) 22:32, 26 November 2009 (UTC)

Facilitating Adult Learning: A Textbook for Educators of Adults - At the moment, this is just a glimmer in my eye, but it will grow.

Learn more...

  • Open textbooks - Education - great list of open textbooks including many about teaching and learning. However, these are supplemental rather than basic guidance for a citizen facilitator who is new to the practice of education.

  • LogicoolSolutions is producing a series of short (56 second) video clips covering a wide range of training tips, strategies and information. They can be accessed at YouTube or iTunes.

Teaching Resources