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Problem 1

Calculate the wavelength of the maximum spectral radiancy and identify the region of the electromagnetic spectrum to which it belongs for each of the following:

(a) The 2.7-K cosmic background radiation, a remnant of the primordial fireball.

(b) Human body, assuming a skin temperature of [math]34^0[/math] C .

(c) A tungsten lamp filament at 1800 K.

(d) The Sun, at an assumed surface temperature of 5800 K.

(e) An exploding thermo nuclear device, at an assumed fireball temperature of [math]10^7[/math] K .

(f) The universe immediately after the Big Bang, at an assumed temperature of [math]10^38[/math] K .

We may assume cavity radiation conditions throughout.

Solution to Problem 1

Problem 2

A cavity whose walls are held at 1900 K has a small hole, 1.00 mm in diameter, drilled in its wall. Find the rate at which energy is escaping through this hole from the interior of the cavity.

Solution to Problem 2

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