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Dr K G Bhole


B.Sc. Physics, University of Pune.

M.Sc. Physics(Electronics) 1st Class, University of Mumbai .

DHE University of Mumbai

Ph.D. University of Mumbai

Specialization: Physics (Electronics),
Computer Science, Information Technology,Data Communication, Networking, Microprocessor, Computer Interfacing, Robotics, Multimedia.

Dissertation Topic: “Some Studies on High Energy Fe Ion-Irradiated Single Crystal Silicon”

Attended Orientation and Refresher courses : One Orientation programme (Mumbai University) Two refresher programmes University of Pune.

Seminars, workshops and Conferences attended (Presentation paper/ participation): Attended more than 60 workshops/conferences and seminars at national/state level, 3 conferences at international level, organized 4 workshops at state level and several at university level.

Researchwork: Associate professor and Recognised teacher for guiding Ph.D students.

Research Papers Presented/Published: 13 (National level-7, International 06).

International Level- 03+3
* “High Energy Ion Implantation Of Iron in Silicon” presented at ICACS20,International Conference at Puri, Bhubneshwar, India.19-24 Jan. 2003 Nucl. Instr. and Meth.  in Phys. B 212 (2003) 525-529;

  • “Investigation Of 70 MeV iron irradiated induced defects in C-Silicon” Nucl. Instr. and Meth. in Phys. B 211 (2003) 383-388
  • International conference on “Agriculture Education and Knowledge management” Agartala ( Tripura) India Organised by IGNOU and

International Food Policy Research Institute. Presented a paper “Industry- Academic-Agriculture Interface: A Case Study” on 24-26Th August 2010.

  • Presented a paper on ‘ICT in Student Support Services- A case Study of IGNOU’ at the International conference held at Symbiosis Pune (SICDOL11) Feb. 2011 click here
  • Presented a paper on "The Issues and Developments in Augmented Reality" at ICRTICTS-11, Thakur College, Kandivali, Mumbai, India. (9Th Dec. 2011, Proceedings:ISBN-978-81-922978-1-1)
  • "Lab To Land: Industry-Academic-Agriculture Interface-A Case Study", SS Barve, KG Bhole, BB Sharma, Quality Education for Societal Transformation Nairobi, Kenya July 20-22 .. Proceedings of ICE-2011

National: 07

  • ” Optical and Electrical Studies of High Energy 56Fe Irradiated Silicon” presented at Conference on “Accelerator based research in Basic and Applied Sciences” 25-27 Feb. 2001, Nuclear Science Center, New Delhi.
  • “Study of defects in High Energy 56Fe implanted Silicon” Annual report of NSC 2000, New Delhi
  • “ High Resolution XRD Study of 70 MeV Fe Implanted Silicon” DAE symposium, BARC, Mumbai, 26-30 Dec. 2001
  • ‘Electrical transport properties of 70 MeV Fe irradiated Silicon” 43rd DAE Symposia Gwalior 26th Dec 2003
  • Paper titled “Independent Thinking of Students in Physics Education” published in the proceedings of UGC sponsored regional workshop on “Research area in Physics Education” at Sathaye College, Mumbai.
  • “Distributed database implementation using database clustering” paper presented at IEEECS-NCISE2010, National conference at Chennai. (Information Technology)
  • “Distributed Processing Architecture based on CORBA architecture” presented at IEEECS-NCISE2010, National conference at Chennai. (Information Technology)

State Level:03

  1. “Next Generation trends in Distributed Computing” Paper presented at national level conference at Sangamner (Information Technology)
  2. “Industry-Institution consortium” paper presented at state level workshop at V G Vaze College, Mulund, Mumbai, 25th Nov., 2006.
  3. “Declining Enrolment In Physics: Some Remedies, Vaze College Model” paper presented at Dayanand College, Latur at state level IAPT workshop in 2009

Text books/ Reference Books Published:

  1. Text book of Physics for FYJC science( +2 Level)
  2. Text book of Physics for SYJC science (+2 level)
  3. Text Book of Physics for FYBSc Physics,Vol. I and II, Uni. of Mumbai
  4. Text book of Physics for SYBSc Physics Vol-I, II and Vol-III, Uni. of Mumbai
  5. Electronic Instrumentation Vol-I and Vol-II for TYBSc (ISBN- 978-93-82429-60-9)
  6. Electronic instrumentation Practical Handbook for TYBSc
  7. Handbook of practical Physics for F Y BSc.
  8. Electronics For TYBSc Physics, Uni. Of Mumbai (ISBN- 978-93-81801-41-3)
  • Reviewed books on Electronics subject by renowned publisher.

Membership of professional bodies/ Associations/ University bodies:

  4. Chairman of Board of studies in Physics, Academic council, Faculty of Science, RRC, BUTR, University of Mumbai.(2010-2015)